The City of Edmundston is the only city in New Brunswick to produce its own electricity. The Energy Department was created in 1910 to answer a need to power a pumping station on the city’s water supply. The Department has been expanding ever since, and now has two hydro generating stations, including one downtown Edmundston, which is over 100 years old./p>


Energy Edmundston now has a generating capacity of 8.5 Megawatts, to which the remaining energy needed to supply its clients is purchased from NB Power. For information regarding billing and rates (as well as to learn more about our payment options), you can contact the City of Edmundston’s Finance Department.

Under the responsability of NB Power, water heater rental is nonetheless billed by Energy Edmundston. This way, each client receives a single invoice for electricity, water heater rental and water and sewer utilities. According to this agreement between Edmundston Energy and NB Power, water heater maintenance is insured by NB Power contractors. For more information, please contact NB Power at : 1-800-663-6272

For more information on Energy efficiency, please contact our Environment Department or click on the following link: 

To report emergencies, customer service is available at all time (24/7) by contacting Edmundston Energy, at 739-2106.

For more information, visit the Useful Links page, and look up "Energy".